The work our caregiving professionals perform at Asbury Home Services is incredibly important and meaningful.

And while their clinical proficiency and experience is critical, quality care includes many things. And at the heart, we believe it is about paying attention to what really counts.

And, what does count?  What is the measure of a quality senior home services agency?

While not taking anything away from the importance of exceptional clinical quality, we are convinced that being person-centered is what truly counts.

We can all think of times where we have received competent service – in a check-out line or a doctor’s office – but left feeling indifferent or with a sour taste in our mouth because the person providing that service didn’t seem to care whether we were there or not.

The benefit of technical skill is not what it could be when it is not accompanied by a genuine concern for the recipient.

Emotional connection, the feeling that you are being listened to, the knowledge that your opinion is wanted and valued – these are non-medical factors that nevertheless can make a big difference in how a person feels.

Person-centered care requires making the conscious decision to avoid short cuts and quick fixes and disciplining ourselves to slow down long enough to listen.  It is only then that the person we are about to serve can ever receive the full benefit of all we have to offer, whether it is our exceptional technique or our exceptional heart.

When we are open to hear not only what people want, but more importantly how they want to be cared for, we can achieve true quality.

At Asbury Home Services, we want to know that our clients look forward to our visits – not just wait for them.